Make Your Own Elegant Wirecraft Jewelry

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From the Studios of Esther Lee

Would you like to learn to make these chains?

Elegant Wirecrat Jewelry

Volume I and Volume II

Volume 1 - $25.00($3 S & H)
* Learn the basics of making chains
* 3 great chain patterns - no solder required!
* Making bead wraps and dangles
* Combining beads with chain
* Advanced stringing techniques

Volume II - $25.00($3 S & H * Order Both and shipping is free *)
* Learn to use the jump ringer® system
* 5 Chain patterns - No soldering!
* Still more advanced stringing techniques
* Instructions for making glass/Enamel beads in the tourch
* Making bangle and half bracelets and necklaces
And Much More

If your dealer or distributor does not have these books, you may order from the Studios of Esther Lee - 628 Chestnut Street - Birmingham, AL 35206
Telephone 205-323-3223 for credit card orders
Telephone or fax for wholesale information - Fax 205-836-2244