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Review # 1
Name:Kylie Richardson
Review:The previous review was written by another New Zealand Online Bead retailer. The person running that business has been doing everything they can to try to ruin our reputation. Perhaps they feel threatened by the competition?

It is clear to us, due the popularity of our site and only positive feedback we receive from our rapid growing customer base, that our business is a reputable one.

If the only way that the other site feels they can survive is by making public defamation towards the competition, then it just shows that they are not very confident within their business.

This site is a great place for people to get information about beading websites and retailers. It is unfortunate that people with a hidden agenda can write negative reviews which are unfounded.

Please donít base your decision on the unfair review. Visit our site and you will discover that we deliver what we claim and offer a comprehensive range of high quality products, beading expertise and fantastic service.

Regards and Happy Beading,

New Zealand Beading Supplies
Review # 2
Review:This is site is pretty bad- they claim to have the best selection in semi-precious which is false along with not offering anything much in the way of beads.
In my opinion claims should always be truthful which none of the site owners claims are truthful- they need to work a bit harder before they can even claim to be a half decent site.

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