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The Energy Revolution has begun. Expensive oil and global warming are causing an energy revolution. What can we do? What are the alternatives? What Choices do we have? Is it all true?

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Exhibition of powdered glass beads from Ghana

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Macrame and Beads were made for each other

 How To Start
Your Own Bead Business
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Find tips and success - starting a bead business

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Kazuri Beads - the rage in new designer beads

- ancient Japanese
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 ( 2 )
Kumihimo Braiding Technique - you will love this

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Worldwide listings of Lampwork Bead Artists

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Larimar a rare sea blue gem from the Dominican Republic

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Tucson Arizona Gem, Mineral, and Bead Shows. Once a year and BIG

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 Craft and Hobby Articles  

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Premier Quality Amber Jewelry~ Signature-Gem...  Hot Link! ( Details )
amber jewelry, Premier Quality Gemstone Jewelry~ Signature-Gems Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Tue Apr 11 2006 | Hits: 525 Rating: Not Rated
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BeadLuxe - Summit and Bedminster, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
Bead Store Located in Summit and Bedminster, NJ, BeadLuxe is a unique retail experience where you can create stylish beaded jewelry and accessories in an elegant walk-in workshop. The studio is filled with design guides, tools and distinct bead collecti Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Tue Jan 6 2009 | Hits: 773 Rating: Rating: 2.00Rating: 2.00 [ 2 votes ]
Rate It | Review It | Report Bad Link

Carriage House Beads - Andover, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
Carriage House Beads Beads & Beading Components * Vintage Jewelry, Handbags & Hats * Gold, Silver, Costume, Handmade and Fashion Jewelry * Restring & Repair * Classes * Birthday Parties * Ladies Night Out * Girl Scout Badge Classes * We Buy Gold, Silver, Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Wed Dec 30 2009 | Hits: 746 Rating: Rating: 1.00 [ 1 vote ]
Rate It | Review It | Report Bad Link

Extraordinary Beads, LLC - Clinton, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
Full-service bead shop offering quality supplies for bead stringers, bead weavers, wire workers, PMC, fused glass. Great adult classes! Great service! It takes Extraordinary Beads to make Exceptional Jewelry! Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Fri Mar 20 2009 | Hits: 771 Rating: Rating: 5.00Rating: 5.00Rating: 5.00Rating: 5.00Rating: 5.00 [ 1 vote ]
Rate It | Review It | Report Bad Link

Jubili Beads & Yarns- South Jersey Region's B...  Hot Link! ( Details )
Bead mega store with huge selection of Miyuki seeds and Delicas, Czech beads, dichroic glass, Swarovski Crystals, Hill Tribe silver, and much more! 8 torch flame work studio with superb workshops, beading classes all levels, wire work jewelry, metalsmith Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Wed Jan 2 2008 | Hits: 1518 Rating: Not Rated
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Jubili Beads & Yarns® Collingswood, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
4,100 sq. ft full-service bead & yarn store, 10 minutes from Phila. Pa. Offering classes, workshops, repairs, parties. Features beading, lamp work bead-making, knitting, crocheting, PMC, yarn spinning & loom weaving. Open 7 days! Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Mon May 2 2005 | Hits: 654 Rating: Not Rated
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Just Bead Yourself - Westfield, NJ ( Details )
Just Bead Yourself is a full service bead store where you can design your own jewlery right in our store! We sell beads, supplies, and tools. Kids and Adults are welcome at our walk-in workshop. Call to book your next birthday party, bridal shower, and ot Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Tue Jan 18 2011 | Hits: 9 Rating: Not Rated
Rate It | Review It | Report Bad Link ( Details )
Full service bead store offerings beads, findings, classes, handcrafted jewelry and gifts Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Fri Aug 9 2013 | Hits: 0 Rating: Not Rated
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The Bead Guy, - Toms River, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
All branches of the military are represented by my beaded clip ons. Included are vets, moms, wives etc Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Fri Jan 28 2011 | Hits: 569 Rating: Not Rated
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The Beaded Path - South Orange, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
The Beaded Path is located in downtown South Orange just a puddle jump from the train station. Great selection, worktables, classes, PMC firing, parties. Full service bead store. Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Sat Sep 11 2010 | Hits: 736 Rating: Not Rated
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Woodstock Trading Company - Cherry Hill, NJ  Hot Link! ( Details )
hand blown glass beads and beads from all over the world Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Fri Mar 4 2011 | Hits: 66 Rating: Not Rated
Rate It | Review It | Report Bad Link ( Details )
We offer basics from CzechMates to Toho. Many beads available individually. Beads by local glass and ceramic artists and a local gemcutter. Beginner and Intermediate classes offered regularly. We have a Jewelry Making Station for your creative endeavors Previews by Thumbshots
Added On: Sat Feb 14 2015 | Hits: 2 Rating: Not Rated
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 New Jersey On-Line Only Bead Stores ( 5 ) 

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